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Half Moon Bay, CA

Contact Lens & Fittings
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Have Your Contact Lens Fitted in Half Moon Bay

Would you believe that contact lenses were first hypothesized by Sir John Herschel way back in 1845?! But it was F. A. Mueller who created the first wearable contacts in 1887. These blown-glass lenses covered the entire eye with room for a liquid that created the refraction correction. They were heavy and suffocated the eye, making the wear time limited to just a few very uncomfortable hours.

Fast forward a hundred years and we’ve built on that same idea to create contacts for a myriad of eye disorders. Myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism can now all effectively be corrected with contact lenses. If you are ready to go glasses-free, request a contact lens fitting at Coastside Eye Care.

Contact Lenses for All Eye Types

Each eye is as unique as your fingerprints. For this reason, it’s important to have your eyes examined and your contacts properly fitted by a professional. After an exam and a short discussion about your lifestyle and contact lens expectations, you will be ready to start trying on contacts.

The Contact Lens Exam & Fitting at Coastside

To ensure you are a good candidate for contact lenses, you must have an eye exam before choosing contacts. Your optometrist will do a thorough exam to discover what they can about your cornea and vision. Not only will they determine your prescription, they will uncover any ocular health concerns that may interfere with comfort or proper acuity.

After your examination, your optometrist will have a good idea of which contacts will suit your eyes. You will have a chance to discuss your lifestyle and ask any question you have about wearing contacts. Together, we will choose the contacts that best work for you.

We will walk you through the process of using and caring for your contacts. This is your opportunity to practice getting them in and out successfully before trying it on your own. We will teach you proper storage and maintenance.

When you decide on a type of contact lenses you are welcome to take them home and try them out. If you do not find them comfortable simply come back in to visit the optometrist. We will help you find a better option for your eyes. We are not satisfied until you find the contacts that work for you.

Contact Lenses for Beginners

Now that you have your contacts, there are a few tips for keeping your contacts in good shape and avoiding infections and discomfort. Ensuring cleanliness and keeping a routine is essential when it comes to contacts.

Keep Your Contacts Clean

Follow these steps when handling your contacts lenses:

  • Always wash, rinse, and dry your hands before touching your contacts
  • Never use expired lens solution
  • Do not use saliva to clean your lenses
  • Leave your lenses in their sealed case unless you are wearing them
  • Rinse your case with solution and allow to air dry when wearing contacts
  • Always remove and insert your lenses in the same order to avoid mix-ups
  • Dispose of your contact lenses as instructed by your optometrist, based on the schedule from the manufacturer
  • Check the expiry date on your lens solution and adhere to it
  • Replace your lens case regularly

If your contacts become uncomfortable, take them out immediately and wear your glasses until you can schedule a visit with your optometrist.

Direct Billing Makes Your Visit Even Easier

For your convenience, we do direct billing with certain insurance providers. If you don’t see yours on the list, please ask us for more information.

  • VSP
  • Medicare
  • Eyemed
  • Medical Eye Services
  • MediCal

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